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Thank your for visiting our website. We pride ourselves on the services we offer and the facilities we have available at the Beaumont Vets Exeter.
We strive to achieve the highest standards of care through compassion, ethical awareness, dedication, conscientiousness and teamwork applied equally to patients, clients and members of staff. Your pet is as important to us as it is to you.
Beaumont Veterinary Centre was first established in Exeter in the late 1970′ s by Dr. Chris Chesney and later moved to Broadclyst. Due to a change in professional direction to specialist dermatology by Dr. Chesney, the practice was taken over by Clive Lloyd in 1994 and moved to its present site in 1995. At the same time, the practice expanded from purely small animal work to a mixed practice due to Clive’s extensive experience and enthusiasm for all creatures great and small. The practice is currently the only truly mixed practice in Exeter.
Between 2003 and 2005 the practice underwent extensive refurbishment and expansion to provide the current modern facilities.


Abscesses are extremely common in pet rabbits and although they can occur anywhere on a bunny’s body, they appear to be more frequent in and/or around the jaw.
An abscess is a cavity containing pus, surrounded by a capsule of thickened inflamed tissue which is usually the result of a bacterial infection. If your bunny has an area of swelling on the face it is very likely for that swelling to be an abscess. In some cases rabbits will have difficulties eating and along with the swelling owners may also observe a thick, whitish discharge in or around their bunny’s mouth.
Most facial abscesses are the result of dental disease. Other common causes are wounds such as bites from other rabbits or foreign bodies. These abscesses can grow very quickly, often extending into the surrounding soft tissue and bone, which means that it is important for all lumps to be investigated as soon as possible by your vet.

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